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Feedback from FE teachers and supporting staff tells us they like the concept and vision of VocTeach Discovery. But we will only build the platform if we know practitioners are likely to use it and we fully understand the features that matter to them. So we have created a video to walk you through VocTeach Discovery using some existing construction related content.

  • Help us shape VocTeach Discovery so it works for you
  • Whether you are a teacher or in another role then please watch the video above and fill in the 10-15 minute survey
  • Please share with your colleagues
  • If you are a Principal, CEO or Vice Principal please see our leaders video and survey below
  • Our current VocTeach Discovery prototype uses existing construction and engineering content plus some newly commissioned college content for testing with our pilot colleges
  • The next phase of VocTeach Discovery development will apply to all subject areas and include new content driven by sector needs

FE leaders - we need your support as well

Feedback tells us practitioners support the VocTeach concept. Alongside gathering further evidence of practitioner support and insight regarding their needs we are keen to establish college leaders’ feedback. So we have created a short video to explain the concept and a brief survey to capture your thoughts

  • If you’re a Principal, CEO or Vice Principal please watch the video above and fill in the short survey
  • If you are not in a leadership role we still want to hear from you. Simply scroll up to the teachers video and fill in the teachers survey which also caters for non-teacher roles
  • Our current VocTeach Discovery prototype uses existing construction and engineering content, from various sources, plus some newly commissioned college content for testing with our pilot colleges
  • The next phase of VocTeach Discovery development will apply to all vocational subject areas and include new content driven by sector need
  • VocTeach Discovery will be a ‘free to use’ platform and we aim to have content that is free at the point of use, although some content will be behind a paywall, depending on the content provider

The VocTeach Discovery Vision

We know there are teacher skills shortages, and that not all of you are digital par excellence.

That’s where we can help you.

icon - Start from Scratch

With VocTeach Discovery you no longer need to create online content from scratch.

icon - Recommended Content

Instead, select content which has been personally recommended to you in the same way that Netflix recommends a movie, or Spotify a playlist.

icon - Reduce Workload

We'll reduce your workload by showing you sharable schemes of work and lesson plans.

icon - Pick and Mix

You'll get to pick, mix, compile, store and share from different resources, and for specific subject areas.

icon - AI Centre

Unlike other digital educational content platforms, VocTeach Discovery has AI at its centre.

icon - Search Content

We'll make content searching easy for you because our AI recommender searches our continually changing content database and suggests content relevant to you.

icon - Pathway

Create your own journey on VocTeach Discovery: we'll show you 'curriculum case studies' that others have created to show how you can repurpose content to build courses that suit your needs.

icon - Build and Adapt Lessons

Develop lesson plans that others can build and adapt.

icon - Preview

VocTeach Discovery has snapshot previews of content before opening, to help find what you're looking for before you download it.

icon - Bite-sized

We'll save you effort in course design by offering bite-sized videos of how to use and apply different types of content and resources on VocTeach Discovery. We'll even show you how some of it was made.

icon - Region Specific

To help you work more collaboratively, we'll provide content and advice specific to your region and enable you to share scheme of work-builders with local teachers and employers that you value.

icon - Arbiter

You'll be the arbiter of lesson quality. Share your opinions on the content. Get personal with VocTeach Discovery. Tell us what you like and what you don't.

We support the UK vocational sector by providing high quality content sourced from UK colleges and other content providers, such as awarding and employer organisations. If you're using VocTeach Discovery, you're supporting UK educators.*

* Our vision is subject to a community evaluation that will take place in late 2022 - early 2023, and depends on further funding.

A discovery platform designed by teachers to help you find the resources you need

What we tried first

Ufi VocTeach Trust seed pilot

Was a Ufi-funded, small-scale VocTeach pre-pilot built by the Open University in 2020-2021 to demonstrate an online platform where vocational educators could find and share resources for their blended teaching in English and Maths Functional Skills.

As well as a traditional keyword search, VocTeach had qualifications-linked and domain-linked taxonomies, allowing users to filter results for the resources they needed. The platform remembered which resources an individual educator found useful and which topics they had recently accessed to identify resources they might next find useful. Despite Covid-19, which forced the project team to change its initial user evaluation plans, the project initiated the idea of a national aggregator and discovery platform for the vocational education sector by building a proof-of-concept software solution that was highly rated in user evaluations. The project also organised a symposium with over 100 FE practitioners, who expressed their support for the platform idea, and whose ideas and experiences were carried forward to the follow-on project, VocTeach Discovery.

VocTeach Now - Tips, Tools, Tomorrow

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VocTeach FE Symposium Replay

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