Terms of Use

Jisc Online Survey

The following information is needed for us to [run Jisc’s and Open University VocTeach community evaluation project]. We’ll use it, as described in our standard privacy notice (at https://www.jisc.ac.uk/website/privacy-notice), to evaluate and gather feedback, as well as to identify problems or ways to make the platform better. We’ll keep the information [for the duration of the project plus 12 months to allow for collation and analysis].

[Aggregate data from the surveys and interviews will be provided to our project partners Open University and UFI. Any identifying information will be removed. Interviews will be conducted using MS Teams and surveys will be run through Jisc’s Online Surveys platform. Personal information is stored securely within Online Surveys and only accessible by the project team. You can view the Online Surveys security information here Online surveys Security | Online surveys. The data will be retained for one year to allow for analysis and reporting.]