FE leaders – we need your support as well

Feedback tells us practitioners support the VocTeach concept. Alongside gathering further evidence of practitioner support and insight regarding their needs we are keen to establish college leaders’ feedback. So we have created a short video to explain the concept and a brief survey to capture your thoughts

  • If you’re a Principal, CEO or Vice Principal please watch the video above and fill in the short survey
  • If you are not in a leadership role we still want to hear from you. Simply scroll up to the teachers video and fill in the teachers survey which also caters for non-teacher roles
  • Our current VocTeach Discovery prototype uses existing construction and engineering content, from various sources, plus some newly commissioned college content for testing with our pilot colleges
  • The next phase of VocTeach Discovery development will apply to all vocational subject areas and include new content driven by sector need
  • VocTeach Discovery will be a ‘free to use’ platform and we aim to have content that is free at the point of use, although some content will be behind a paywall, depending on the content provider