What we tried first

Ufi VocTeach Trust seed pilot

Was a Ufi-funded, small-scale VocTeach pre-pilot built by the Open University in 2020-2021 to demonstrate an online platform where vocational educators could find and share resources for their blended teaching in English and Maths Functional Skills.

As well as a traditional keyword search, VocTeach had qualifications-linked and domain-linked taxonomies, allowing users to filter results for the resources they needed. The platform remembered which resources an individual educator found useful and which topics they had recently accessed to identify resources they might next find useful. Despite Covid-19, which forced the project team to change its initial user evaluation plans, the project initiated the idea of a national aggregator and discovery platform for the vocational education sector by building a proof-of-concept software solution that was highly rated in user evaluations. The project also organised a symposium with over 100 FE practitioners, who expressed their support for the platform idea, and whose ideas and experiences were carried forward to the follow-on project, VocTeach Discovery.